About B.L.L.

About B.L.L.

Boca Loca Lab is a creative platform for the realisation of theatre productions, scenic sketches and workshops. Boca Loca Lab is a pioneer of the musical theatre form on the Czech stage, in which musical and dramatic principles are combined. The founder and leading figure of the company is director Jiří Adámek, who is also author of the libretto for all productions performed to date.

Boca Loca Lab was founded in 2007 with the creation of the production, Ticks Ticks Politics. The performance was awarded the Prize for an original theatre expression on the international festival KONTAKT 2009 in Torun, in Poland and the award in the section LOW BUDGET/NO BUDGET on the Music theatre NOW festival in Berlin. Then followed, Click on the Video (2007), in which the company began working with internet commentary of the execution of Saddam Hussain. The Europeans (2008) deal with the extensive threat of the media which surrounds today`s European. The last master piece Teritorium shows how everything personal create territory of each other.

Dramaturgist Martina Musilová, choreographer Zuzana Sýkorová, actors Pavol Smolárik, Anna Synková, Vendula Štíchová, Daniel Šváb, Petr Vančura, Ivana Uhlířová and others have cooperated on Boca Loca Lab projects. The company is produced by jedefrau.org.

„Boca Loca means „crazy, mad, glib-tongued" in Spanish.

„A stream of sound and words, emanating from the mouths of the performers, are a tradesmark of this company.In the project Ticks Ticks Politics mouths choke and hiccup during speeches of political leaders. In Europeans mouths pass through apocalyptic screams. In Territorium mouths spew a list of things with which we surround ourselves, in order to create our own territory in which to encapsulate ourselves. Sometimes mouths are shut cluelessly. At others they whine, shout, groan, wail. Boca Loca Lab is a laboratory of theatre of opening  mouths, theatre-concert, theatre-performance, multimedial theatre, theatre of words and sound, geometrical theatre, theatre of invocation and exorcising."


Jiří Adámek (*1977)

Studied direction in the Department of alternative and puppet theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. After a whole range of experimental, puppet projects (adaptations of Frederico Garcia Lorca` s The Love of Don Perlimplin with Belisa in the Garden and The Intruder for one actress and a lifesize marionette) and  site-specific projects (Latimerie in the former sewage plant at Prague-Bubenec), Adámek has developed an original type of musical theatre, in which he blends the musically composed structure, stylized acting and unusual approach to language (fragmentarisation and rhythm of words, play with semi-abstract accumulation of syllables and sounds). Adámek is not only the director of his musical-theatre projects, but also the author of the libretto and, where required, of the music. He has completed several residencies in France and is significantly influenced by the French, postmodern théâtre musical. Since the creation of his first full-length "musical-theatre" type performance, Adámek has been awarded various prizes: the international award Music Theatre Now forTicks Ticks Politics (2006) in Berlin and the Prize for original theatre expression at the KONTAKT 2009 festival in Torun, the children` s production Of the Jungle Books (2007) was awarded prizes in three categories at Mateřinka in Liberec, the Alfred Radok Prize for set design adn the main prize on the Banialuka-Festival in Bialsko-Biała. The newest production Europeans (2008) has so far been nominated for the Sazka and Theatre Newspaper Prizes. Ticks Ticks Politics and Click on the Video (2008) have been adapted for radio and can be heard at www.rozhlas.cz/radiocustica/archiv.

Adámek was also named Personality of the Year by the Next Wave Festival 2007 in the alternative theatre section for musical-scenic composition and its theoretical reflection. Theatre of the théâtre musical type he theoretically develops principally in his doctoral work Theatre as Music/ Beyond the Phenomenon of the Théâtre Musical with an Emphasis on Acting.

Presently Jiří Adámek  teaches on the Prague theatre academy (DAMU) and writes analytical articles about contemporary theatre for the czech magazine „Svět a divadlo".