A theatre composition inspired by the most commonplace medial formulae from politics and newspaper headlines over recent years. ... violence and power, Russian gas, Chineses toys, school shootings...

- how is a European to understand all this? What is hidden behind all he words, slogans and clichés? With the help of repetition, rhythm and musicalitz of the word, with the help of their fragmentation, sound and noise, a strange yet familiar image of Europe is created.

Authors, artists, info:


Veduna Štíchová


Anna Synková


Pavol Smolárik


Petr Vančura

Libretto, musical composition and direction:

Jiří Adámek


Martina Musilová

Set, costumes, masks, projection:

Jakub Kopecký

Musical collaboration:

Jan Krejčík

Sound design:

Jan Burian, Mikoláš Růžička

Light design:

Marek Střížovský, Jakub Kopecký


Monika Šonková-Baďurová

Coproduction: (Maria Cavina, Kristýna Kalivodová), Experimental space Roxy/NoD

Supported by:

the Ministery of Culture for the Czech Republic, The Czech Literary Fund

First night:

on the 14. a 15. 5. 2008 in Experimental space Roxy/NoD, Prague


50 min


„The peak is a passage in which "we" Europeans pathetically feel above our own humanity and generosity. Worthwhile repeated and interrupted sentences „we damaged... we repaired... we blamed... we paid... we understood... we strengthened... we replaced... we forgave... we pitied... we settled... we designated... we stood down... we were merciful..." in several minutes, the soul of the entire piece is transformed  - a jaded, governing smile becomes painful awareness of disappointment in the self."

A2, Petr Ferenc: European Sounding and Jamais Vu, 22/2008

„...from the scattering of information so typical for modern-day communication means, is born a unique, postmodern concept. It recalls the unpenetrability and confusion of the world on one side, and the banality which this state produces. The construction material of this precisely structured production is the word,  which cascades into primary elements - speech, syllables, sounds, from which the directior literally extracts musicality and rhythm."

Lidové noviny newspaper, Jana Machalická: „Euroblab" is Excellent Inspiration, 3. 6. 2008

„Fragmentary memories of  the media with extensive commentary on political events, in an ingenious theatrical concept - thus could we succinctly characterize the new production of talented director Jiří Adámek.  From a language point of view, Europeans is just brilliant ... The actors themselves in fact look like Kraftwerk; they are dressed in white suits, are content with microphones instead of computers and the voice remains the tool for communication. The same colour as the stage, the actors also successfully merge with the projection canvas, becoming a part of it."

Time-in, Kateřina Rathouská, Europeans at NOD, June 2008