How did our ancestors influence our own lives? What have they told us and what have they kept secret? What happened in their lives and fates that repeats itself in ours?

What mistakes do we make again and again without learning from them, just like they did? Which aspects of our personalities are inherited from them?

What information from the past do we carry in the body? And just what will this body look like in twenty years, if it is still here at all? What results of what actions or events do we carry on into our lives? What do we really remember and what is just our imagination? What does family actually mean today? And who still knows how to bake "mraky"?

Authors, artists, info:

Created by:

Švábová, Procházka, Hybler, Smolík, Dörner


Supported by:

the Ministery of Culture for the Czech Republic, the Capital of Prague, MOTUS o.s. – ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre Production a Theater 29, Pardubice

The Premiere:

20. 10. 2011


70 min

In this new piece the Handa Gote group continues to work with the `little histories`, this time turning to one of its own members`s personal archives. Veronika Švábová sifts through the history of her family seeking both the fateful moments and seeming trivialities that have survived in family member`s memories to this day, that are the fabric of family community. Mraky is a subjective study of one`s own family, a series of scenes without causal association, not unlike those fragmentsof past events that make up our own memories.