Urban camping

Non-violent intervention in what is left of public space. 24-hour-long camping trip.

A twenty-four-hour long camping trip in self-made ceremonial masks and costumes. Featuring respite, dialogue and games, further unspecified ceremonies, the erection of a portable temple for further unspecified deities, the preparation of food, passing time by playing makeshift musical instruments, singing and dancing, making arrowheads and other practical tools with available material (bottle glass, which in our circumstances will substitute for the rather more unattainable obsidian or flintstone), a two to three hour long ritual of invoking money.

Participants of the camp do not in any way accost passers-by or onlookers. The sole means of communication is the radical absence of any outer attributes of belonging to mainstream society.
The nomadic artists of the homeless need not be afraid, even though they know that it is normal to adapt. Inadaptability goes against the order of Nature, as does culture itself.

Any gathering of people is legitimate, even in the event that it does not propose to achieve any concrete aim.

Organizers and Participants:

Handa Gote research & development and guests: Tomáš Procházka, Robert Smolík, Pasi Mäkelä, Martin Janíček, Miloš Šejn, Jan Dörner, Jakub Hybler

First time on the piazzetta of the National Theatre in Prague during Prague quadriennale 2011.