One man physical performance.

Through this perfect embodiement of a troll ("tonttu" in Finnish), Pasi Mäkelä reconnects with a lost natural world order.  

With bizarre movements, he reveals a forgotten, collective memory and enters into a "physical subconscious". The tonttu lurks somewhere in the shadows, on the borders between society and nature, on the peripheries of the mind and the body. Is he our conscience? Our possibilities

Author, performer

Pasi Mäkelä

Live sound

Federsel (Tomáš Procházka)


aprox. 40 min

Supported by

Sabotanic Garden and Circus Maximus, Finland

This multilayered performance combines Butoh dance with Finnish folklore, Pasi´s experiences of Zambian Muganda dance and the rituals of the mysterious Njau community.
Performances here and now create a new tradition from a combination of folkloric elements and new theatre. For all that it is improvised on previously determined themes, each performance is different.
Fundamentally, in the troll, Pasi Mäkelä is able to demonstrate his broad choreographic range and extremely physical approach to theatre.

Trolls, mystical beings from Scandinavian foklore, can take on many forms. They bring forests, barns and even saunas to life, and facilitate otherworldly communication. Despite their small stature, they have enormous physical strength. They help people who treat them well. However, if a person is evil or disrespectful towards them, they may cause him suffering or various kinds of unpleasantness.

The Finnish word tonttu has many meanings; among others, it is a synonym for idiot.