Wakushoppu is a project series of music sessions bringing together personalities of the free improv scene. It´s a platform for the meeting of creators of audiovisual projects. It´s about improvisation, work in progress, short-term collaboration, audio, video, performance.

The project has its own, individual WEB PAGE, on which you can also find the programme of Wakushoppu evenings. They take place in the café V lese space in Prague.

The project wants to map, and if possible make visible, the already existing scene of electroacoustic improvisation and audiovisual projects. It does not set itself the goal of artificially creating a new grouping, but rather by setting up short-term collaborations and providing resources for performing together, it attempts to confirm the identity of the local scene. It is interesting that even twenty-two years after the change in conditions in this country, this scene is still somewhat marginal, while in neighbouring Austria it is not only very lively and well supported, but also perceived as something which renders the whole Austrian music scene specific and interesting in an international context.
Here, people go to concerts of their representatives, but the local musicians making music in the same spirit and seeking their own "Czech" scene, are found de facto in the underground.

Our principle goal is to strengthen the community and ultimately achieve more open access to it for the Czech public. Lastly and importantly, we will attempt to anchor it in the international scene.

We would like to enable artists to rehearse their work before an educated audience in the form of work in progress, and where possible to invite forms of feedback which will allow them to further develop individual projects.
We hope to provoke encounters between individuals and "micro-collectives" and provide them with resources with which to experience playing together: this often leads to the initiation of interesting future projects, or at least contributes to their reflection on their own work, which is essential for artistic progress.

The project was launched in 2011 as a NO BUDGET activity. Five evening events took place in two venues. These were documented, and a special, informative website was established. Wakushoppu now continues for the 2011/ 2012 season, and is expected to become a tradition which will be lively and worthwhile throughout both the forthcoming and also future seasons. Gradually, we hope to move into the category of LOW BUDGET, so that we can at least cover participants´ travel costs.

The Wakushoppu project is connected to the other activities of the group Handa Gote. It is part of a wider project, focused on the application of some of the principles of free improvisation in the field of alternative theatre and performance art, and more generally, on the facilitation of rare and fruitful meetings in the theatre field.

The project dramaturgs are Tomáš Procházka and Petr Ferenc

Wakushoppu 2.6 - Gurun Gurun from Wakushoppu on Vimeo.