In our own territory, we surround ourselves with functional objects, indulgences, habits, gestures, facial expressions, stories, words, interjections, sighs, a sense of our successes, blunders and feelings of failure. The more we get settled into our territories, the less we are able to reach out to someone else.

„I had a little party this afternoon at three, `Twas very small, just three in all, just I, myself and me."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

Authors, artists, info:

Concept, original set and direction:

Jiří Adámek


Martina Musilová

Movement Collaboration:

Zuzana Sýkorová


Eva Jiřička

Set and Costumes:

Kristýna Täubelová

Sound Design:

Mikoláš Růžička and Jan Veselý


Marek Střížovský and Radek Pytelka

Pavol Smolárik

Anna Synková


Daniel Šváb/Jiří Zeman

Ivana Uhlířová/Dora Bouzková

Petr Vančura

First night:

23rd and 24th January 2010, Experimental Space Roxy-NoD /Prague/


jedefrau.org, Experimental Space Roxy/Nod

Financially supported by:

the Czech Ministery of Culture, the City of Prague, the Czech Literary Fund


60 min

Teritorium is the next in the series of experimental projects by the creative platform  BocaLocaLab. It follows on from the previous performances Ticks, Ticks Politics, Click on the Vdeo! and Europeans (which can also be seen at Roxy/NoD). All projects have in common an exploration of the possibilities of language and speech, the implementation of the principles of musical composition and the use of technology (microphones, microports, video projections). This time we also put emphasis on the development of themes through dramatic improvisation on given topics. The production depends on a script in points, yet is open to new impulses and free improvisation, just as to the return of motives which the performers discovered during rehearsals. We do not consider the shape of the compositionTeritorium to be conclusive. We assume that it will continue to develop under the influence of the audience`s participation.


The creative platform Boca Loca Lab belongs, at least in Prague, to the most interesting work being made in the field of experimental theatre. Not only the systematic approach with which it builds and perfects its formal language, constructed principally on speech, on its breakdown and rebuilding into new and numerous unexpected senses, but also themes focusing on society and politics. Ticks Ticks Politics  and Europeans belong among their most successful productions."

Roman Sikora: Everything that`s mine is my territory; 28.01.2010 Referendum Journal

„The word `my` is important to the piece. It appears in duplicate repeatedly, in various grammatical forms - `my` is always there. With the word `my`, the space is surveyed first, then their situation in relation to it. Thus begins something like a description of one`s own flat, one`s own things, own fittings, but it`s not only about things, but also about relationships. (...) In fact there is barely one sentence uttered which has a subject and predicate, but there is a lot of text. Yet the characters are absolutely precisely characterised."

Alena Zemančíková  Czech Radio