Festival Still-Life 2010

STILL-LIFE festival according to Handa Gote

a selection of marginal genres at Studio Alta - Holešovice Prague 7 from 13th to 15th May 2010_
In all cases, these are projects which for ease may be called alternative; totally and unequivocally aimed at a minority audience, and perhaps it is appropriate to add that all are connected by a kind of bloody-mindedness, with which they remain outwith any kind of trend whatsoever.

13 14 15 of MAY 2010
Hala 30_STUDIO ALTA (Praha 7)


13.5. Mr ROMAN versus Mr Mirecek:

> 19:00 Martin Klapper - Familia Borealis (a tibute to the home film)

> 20:20 Handa Gote & Martin Ježek - Mr Roman

> 21: 30 Evženie Brabcová & Stanislav Abrahám - Mr Mirecek

> KAZETY ( koncert )

14.5. B4 versus LESNÍ ZVĚŘ

> 19:00 Georgij Bagdasarov

> 20:30 B4 - concert to the CD release Ringo John Paul George

> 22:00 Lesní zvěř (concert)

15.5. SIFON versus RAIN DANCE

> 19:00 Švejda a Kalivoda - Sifon ( POZOR - v divadle Alfred ve dvoře! )

> 20:30 Handa Gote - Rain dance

> 22:00 The Artbreakers DJ set


19:00 Familia Borealis (a tibute to the home film)

duration: 50 mins

participant: Klapper

The project Familia Borealis is the result of more than twenty years of laborious collecting of amateur home films from various countries in the northern part of Europe. The original material in Super and Standard 8 format has been manipulated/attacked with a variety of film, mechanical and chemical techniques, and some of them remain a jealously guarded secret of the author.

The film projection is accompanied by a live soundtrack played on toys and amplified and applied objects.

20:20 Mr Roman

duration: 55 mins

participants: Ježek, Freudl, Procházka

A performance about the life of Mr. Roman, recorded homestyle on 8mm film.

Dynamic editing proposes an original angle of perspective on the material discovered, which follows the character Roman throughout approximately twenty years of his life. It also gives us a glimpse of social and family rituals and typical activities of the time. The filmed material covers the period from the early sixties to the eighties.

The performance Pan Roman is the second part of a trilogy in which neither computer nor any other form of electrical equipment based on software and its integral circuitry was employed. 
The film is accompanied by live music on stere-electronic instruments - electronic organ and guitar.

21:30 Mr Mirecek

duration: 40 mins

participants: Brabcová, Abrahám, Maršálek - Mireček

Live projection, live sound!

Mr. Mireček is back! Who doen´t know this man...?
A loner with a weakness for company; a philosopher with a weakness for nonsense; a gardener with a weakness for concrete.
8mm film projection of Mr. Mireček with live, controlled soundtrack provided by Stanislav Abrahám and and Miroslav Maršálek

22:20 Kazety / Cassettes

David Doubek aka Ventolin - electric guitar, samplers, vocals

Johana Švarcová - keyboard, vocals

A schwarz - Vj

The music group Kazety connects the ferocity of guitar riffs and uncomplicated keyboard melodies on a rhythmic background. They were founded as Cassette after the dissolution of the band Undo in 2007. David Doubek (aka Ventolin) and singer Johana Švarcová managed to change the band´s name since then, played a whole series of concerts, and in intense collaboration with the Berlin producer Jayrope (who cooperated on the sound for Atari Teenage Riot, Arto Lindsay, Rechenzentrum...) produced an eponymous cd under the Brno label X Production. The third factor which gives Kazety concerts an audio-visual dimension is VJ A schwarz.

14th May FRIDAY

19:00 Georgij Bagdasarov

He embarked on his musical career path as a guitarist in a psychadelic punk band, and through the world of conceptual techno, matured into the world of free improvisation. He plays on saxophone and guitar created from objects which he has collected. www.myspace.com/georgebagdasarov

22:00 Lesní zvěř

Martin Čech - drums (ex Fru Fru, ex Chorchestr)

Jiří Hradil - Casio, Yamaha, hammond (also Umakart, Priessnitz, guest mamber of TATA bojs, ex Chorchestr)

Miloš Rejsek - vocals, sounds, resonance (also Sworfishtrombones)

Occasional guest Marek Steyer - horn

Lesní zvěř is a non-traditional musical group, which connects live drum and bass with jazz and pschedelia. It is energetic music; thrilling, musical history, which extracts its rawest content and surpasses itself. Vocals, loops of live instruments, horn and drums perform opposite keyboards as equal partners. Lyrics and melodies have the same weight as the musical base. Rhythm is raised to meditational highways through sensitive, pulsing landscapes of sound. Lesní zvěř can be coy, but once it catches a scent, an adventure is often in store.



19:00 Sifon (Drain) / ATTENTION Performance is at Alfred ve dvoře

duration: 50 min

participants: Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda

The hero suffers within, from an excess of information, which he has not had time to process, evaluate or "filter out." He is oversaturated. The performance is the moment at which all these stored thoughts and messages grow to the point where they have crossed the limit of containability, and must be expelled, just like a blocked drain. The performance is on the borders of artistic performance and staged confession.

The performance is part of the Nová sít´ and D.N.A. projects

20:30 Rain Dance

duration: 55 mins

participants: Dörner, Smolík, Procházka

...Your Gods have failed. Our will be done. 
Artistic theatre, influenced on the one hand by natural collectivities, and on the other by profane entertainment genres and disciplines heading television models of entertainment, like equivalents of fastfood. Rain Dance is an absurd, dark slapstick, connected with the cliché of the entertainment industry, the scepticism which is slowly spreading through the whole of western culture, stray demons of the old world, which is as confused in the new era as its inhabitants. An existentialist horror about the longing for liberty which never comes.

22:00 The Artbreakers DJ set


3 days 350,- Kč

1 day 160,- Kč

after 21 h 100,- Kč

The Festival is organised by jedefrau.org with the support of the Czech Ministery of Culure, the City of Prague, Alt@rt o.s. and WD Lux.

For further information, photography, interviews etc, please contact
Salome Geregayová / PR.