Festival Still-Life 2012

The third edition of the festival by Handa Gote: Still-life. The festival takes place throughout November 2012 in the theaters Alfred ve dvoře and Archa, in café V lese and in the private club Ferenc Futurista in Černošice. Handa Gote present their favorite Czech and foreign, theater and music creators.


> 07/11 20h

Concert of B4 on Stimul Festival in Archa Theatre. B4 perform with the singer Damo Suzuki from krautrock legends Can.
The new CD Lux Oxid released on Polí5 will also be on sale at this event!

> 10/11 20h

performance Mr. Roman, Handa Gote, Ferenc Futurista club, Černošice

A performance on the life of Mr. Roman, a life that was recorded in a DIY way on the 8 mm format. 8 film rolls showing the life of an unknown family became one of the film materials used in the work on the piece EKRAN. This homemade film is now being used as a central matrial in a project named Mr. ROMAN.

prepared by: Ježek, Freudl, Procházka

> 11/11 20h

performance Super-Natural, Wariot Ideal, Alfred ve dvoře

A "theatrilized" music concert evening. Synthetic theatre, the most fitting form for depicting the theme of struggle and survival.
Stand-up comedy, monologues, scenic actions, dance, gentle acrobatics, a hint of circus clowning plus mississippi blues, rock, pathetic protest songs, popular heart-rending songs all on the theme of salvation.

prepared by: Kalivoda, Procházka, Švejda

> 13/11 20h

WAKUSHOPPU, café V lese
An independent platform for free-improvisation and audio-visual projects.

performing: Jazz khonspiracy, David Vrbík + Aleš Kilián

> 19/11 20h

performance What She Does, Cristina Maldonado, Alfred ve dvoře

Tactile VJ.Handling Fear. Performance that reinterprets a thriller from the 60´s by making live physical interventions to invade and damage the composition, atmosphere and situation of the scenes.

> 20/11 20h

performance Deep Forest, Handa Gote, Alfred ve dvoře

Handa Gote focuses this time on the world beyond the human world, and reflections on it in performance. Deep Forest provides no surprising solutions. Not so much a theatre performance, it´s more a deep ecology mystery, a clash of culture and nature.

prepared by: Dörner, Hybler, Procházka, Smolík

> 21/11 20h

performance Deep Forest, Handa Gote, Alfred ve dvoře

> 22/11 18h

selection from 8 mm movie collection, STANDARD 8 SUPER8, Jan Dőrner, Martin Klapper, Alfred ve dvoře

Segments of selected classic movie material in Super 8 and 8mm formats. Thrillers, chillers, horror movies, plus rarities and absurdities, all in shortened versions for "8mm Home movie" format.

STANDARD8 SUPER8 ČT 22.11. 2012 18:00 ALFRED VE DVOŘE /Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7/ from handa gote on Vimeo.

> 23/11 20h

performance Tonttu, Pasi Mäkelä, Alfred ve dvoře

One man physical performance.
Through this perfect embodiement of a troll ("tonttu" in Finnish), Pasi Mäkelä reconnects with a lost natural world order. 

> 24/11 20h

Sound-art with Martin Janíček and Bethany Lacktorin, Ferenc Futurista club, Černošice

Beseppy with Martin Janíček at the Brick Bar in Prague from Frances Sander on Vimeo.