What mushroom? What leaf?

Mushroom as a fascinating form of life somewhere between plant and animal. Mushroom picking as a Czech cultural ritual, in which, reportedly, up to eighty percent of the population across all social strata participate. Mushroom - an inspiration to artists. Mushroom - the catalyst of decay and growth. Mushroom as a magical symbol.

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Švábová, Smolík, Procházka, Mikeš, Kropáček, Hybler, Freudl, Dörner


Švábová (Púčiková), Procházka, Kropáček, Freudl, Smolík


60 min

First night:

in the 20/11/2008 Studio ALT@- Hall 30 /Prague/

Coproduction:, Alt@rt, MOTUS c. a. – ALFREDVEDVOŘE theater production

Supported by:

the Ministry of Culture, The City of Prague, Alt@rt, MOTUS c. a. – ALFREDVEDVOŘE theater production

The performance pays homage to the beauty and mysteriousness of mushrooms. Modeled after the happenings of John Cage, a composer and mycologist, Mushrooms gradually assumes the form of dance, concert, lecture, performance, laboratory experiment and film.

My voice Vanishes in the wind: Mushroom-hunting.

Můj hlas Ztrácí se ve větru: Houbaření.

Masaoka Shiki (1866-1902)


„The stage is a space where live music inspired by the sound of the simplest acoustic instruments meets projection of photographs, online microscopy, minimalist motion and objects made from materials discovered in the forest. Ballet, concert, lecture, performance, movie, laboratory experiment: The theme running through all these is - mushrooms."

by Alex Jordan (Provokator, Prague)

„Inspired by the happenings of John Cage, who was himself a great collector of mushrooms, it was above all music and performance, through which a series of spectators floated along their own pathways."

Astrid Priebs-Tröger PNN 4/11/2009; UNIDRAM 2009