Noise and private records. The first part of the trilogy BODY AND TECHNOLOGY (Silence, Noise, Red Green Blue), which is concerned with an interactive dancer and different forms of technique (sound, video, lighting, music). Noise connects sound and light installations with dance.

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Hybler, Procházka, Švábová


30 min

stage lo-fi, no language barrier

Sound and light create a live, everchanging setting, like "artificial nature," whose conditions the dancer must modulate. Movement provokes changes in sound and light, and thus interplay of three inter-dependant elements - dance, sound and light - is created. The dancer herself thus creates the conditions for the existence of the setting of meshes of wire and blinking diodes, raw, unfashioned sound and light, which can themselves be an independent set, and refer to the aesthetics of the culture of Do It Yourself.

Postcatastrophic postcard from a trip to an unknown land.

Do it yourself .


„In Noise...the solid structure of choreography renders the dancer´s movement perfect and assured and this is reflected in her facial expressions. All eyes are drawn to the purely self-assured and emancipated lady... All is supported by dance, which is totally contemporary, minimalistically economic, of course with a complete clarity of sense.That movement, connected with sound transmitters and optical sensors, becomes a gem which extends the space which the dancer is designated so it occupies the entire theatre. The small concentration of all factors in this performance make it a rare event..."

Zuzana Smugalová / Current Dance News / 02_2007